Critical Support in Critical Times

The COVID-19 outbreak has created unprecedented challenges for all of us. As you are hard at work providing essential services during this difficult time, we wanted to assure you that PREMIER is here to help. While we continue to support our customers in helping ensure Americans have the products they need to manage through this crisis, we have implemented numerous procedures to help protect our employees, their families, and our customers.

PREMIER continues to monitor and implement CDC recommendations as well as state and local guidelines for operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. PREMIER will continue to provide services to our customers while monitoring and adjusting to new guidance from these sources.

Specifically, PREMIER has implemented several new guidelines for our employees including the following:

  • PREMIER’s Emergency Management Group is monitoring all travel and limiting non-essential travel. Employees are also encouraged to utilize automotive travel when possible.

  • PREMIER is closely monitoring customers’ COVID-19 policies to ensure any PREMIER visitors customer sites are in compliance.

  • Employees have been supplied with “Essential Employee” letters to help facilitate any travel into areas under a “safer at home” or similar order.

  • Employees have been asked to work remotely whenever possible and we’ve greatly reduced the density of our offices. For individuals that are unable to work remotely, we’ve adjusted work schedules to further reduce office density.

  • We are utilizing Skype and other technologies to facilitate meetings and other group interactions remotely.

  • Any employees onsite are required to practice social distancing as recommended by the CDC. We have also increased the cleaning of public and high touch areas throughout all of our offices.

  • Employees are being provided with cloth masks when requested to help reduce the chance of COVID-19 spread.

  • All parts and equipment to our facility are going through quarantine and/or cleaning procedures before being utilized by staff.

  • Employees have been asked to self-screen and report any contacts with someone diagnosed or having symptoms of COVID-19 or having symptoms themselves.

  • We have limited visitors to our offices and are screening any essential visitors prior to accessing our facilities.

  • PREMIER will continue to leverage our Business Continuity Plan and Emergency Management Group to ensure the safety of our employees, their families and our customers.

We’d like to thank our employees, their families, our vendors and customers for allowing PREMIER to continue serving the vital needs of our customers during this difficult time. If you have any questions about PREMIER’s COVID-19 efforts or ways we can help your business during this difficult time, please reach out.

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