PREMIER Completes Custom AGV Installation

A major automotive manufacturer was challenged with a tight timeline to integrate a fleet of custom-built autonomously-guided vehicles (AGVs) into their production facility. Three months after partnering with PREMIER, the electrical design and programs were ready for testing. The multifaceted project employed a variety of technologies including Rockwell Software GuardLogix controllers, Siemens WinCC HMI applications, RFID, and Keyence safety scanners.

Special consideration for safety was given throughout this project. Because the AGVs would move and interact with multiple sub-systems, PREMIER implemented dynamic safety zones using safety messaging and programmable logic. On-site testing ensured that each emergency stop would safely stop the AGVs in that zone without affecting the operation of the remaining AGVs. This maximized system efficiency without sacrificing operator or machine safety.

PREMIER programmers also collaborated with the customer to make a number of improvements over similar existing lines. The AGVs were adapted to run multiple product models without requiring any downtime for changeover and interfaced with a number of MES applications such as production ordering, quality, and OEE. A series of quick-reference sheets were developed and provided to plant technicians for use in maintenance and troubleshooting. PREMIER also worked with the customer’s corporate engineering to improve the robustness of their base code templates for use in future implementations.

From its headquarters in Nashville, TN and offices in OH and AL, PREMIER offers panel fabrication, industrial controls integration, MES, cyber security, and process control networking. PREMIER’s focus on technical excellence and tenacity in customer satisfaction has led to the completion of over 10,000 projects, CSIA certification in all offices, and steady growth over the past 25+ years.

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