Operational Efficiency Using Real-Time Data

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PREMIER System Integrators, now a PARSEC Gold Partner, is combining over 26 years of Manufacturing Automation experience with the PARSEC TrakSYS solution framework to address your Performance, OEE, Quality, Compliance, and SPC needs. With a library of configurable solution frameworks powered by a common set of core features TrakSYS allows you to deploy manufacturing management solutions for virtually any aspect of your operation quickly and cost-effectively.

TrakSYS is designed to help you achieve peak performance with your chosen methodology — Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, CI, WCM, etc. — by gathering performance data from machines and people, analyzing them, and sharing that intelligence across the enterprise.

Capture real-time production data and visualize on any device with a web browser.

Automate manual tracking to create more sustainable and effective Continuous Improvement programs.

Leverage technology to replace inefficient paper processes and enforce business processes through the use of electronic Tasks and Notifications.

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