Industrial Networks – Layer 2 Resilient Protocols

PREMIER System Integrators, Inc.™ recognizes that excellent quality and delivery requires technical excellence of its people and processes. One of the ways that PREMIER develops technical excellence is through knowledge sharing in regular lunch and learn training sessions. The most recent session was delivered by Lance Breedlove from the Decatur, AL office. As a Cisco CCNA Industrial certified engineer, Lance is one of several PREMIER team members focused on providing Cyber Secure & Robust Industrial Network services.

The focus of the lunch and learn session was on Industrial Network design specifically focusing on Layer 2 protocols. This session is one of several focused on Industrial Network architecture and best practices.

Topics included:

The training included an interactive lab used to demonstrate the resiliency of Flex Links and REP protocols. This hands on session generated lots of great questions that reinforced the PREMIER team’s understanding of Layer 2 resiliency.

As an experienced Systems Integrator, PREMIER understands the demands and risks unique to Industrial Networks.

From Level 0 Device Networks through Level 3.5, the Industrial DMZ separating your process Network from your Enterprise Network, PREMIER has the experience and trained resources to help you deploy the secure and validated solution that is right for your operation.

Please contact us to hear more about this training and how PREMIER can serve you.

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