PREMIER Completes Over 150 PLC-5 to ControlLogix Upgrades!

PREMIER completed its 150th PLC-5 retrofit/upgrade earlier this year and is rapidly marching towards 200 as purchase orders for these services continue to increase in the 3rd quarter of

2017! Due to the impending date of obsolescence without support from Rockwell Automation and the high cost of replacement parts, customers are looking not only to remove the risks of hardware and system failure, but also improve operational efficiency through the deployment of improved technology.

These upgrades have been done in several different ways including:

  • Complete I/O replacements using the Allen Bradley migration kits or by completely re-wiring

  • For more information on the migration kits see Migration Kits

  • Processor only upgrades retaining 1771 I/O racks on Remote I/O or ControlNet

  • Conversions to Rockwell Automation PlantPAx® in lieu of straight conversions

  • Collapsing multiple PLC-5’s and/or SLC500’s into one ControlLogix system

  • PLC-5 to ControlLogix upgrade concurrent with Foxboro Integrator 30 to FDSI upgrade

  • These upgrades have been implemented as single processor and redundant processor systems

  • See Rockwell Migration Profiles for more information

Founded in 1991 to provide turnkey system integration services for manufacturing facilities, PREMIER has grown to be a multifaceted organization providing a wide range of services to manufacturers across the U.S. PREMIER is working with manufacturers that utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace by leveraging technical excellence.

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