PREMIER has partnered with SOLES4SOULS, a non-profit social enterprise based here in Nashville, to collect gently and new shoes to help those in need in the United States and countries around the world! Every day children are prevented from attending school, adults are unable to work, and walking to some becomes unbearable. A new pair of shoes provides relief today so thousands can begin taking a step towards their new endeavors tomorrow! Kick off for our fundraiser begins 4/26/2017 and ends 5/23/2017!

Did YOU Know:

  • Since 2006, SOLES4SOULS has distributed 30 million pairs of shoes in 127 countries around the world. Over half of our distribution events occur right here in the United States.

  • In many developing countries, walking is a primary mode of transportation. Each day millions face the dangers of cuts, fungus, contaminated soil and insect bites that lead to infection, disease, amputation and death. Providing safe, sturdy shoes could help end this cycle.

  • Right here in the United States, 1 in 5 children live below the poverty line. When we can help provide a pair of shoes, we’re helping bridge the economic gap. For these families, a new pair of shoes provides dignity and hope.

  • Over 600,000 individuals are homeless in the United States. In many cases, a new pair of shoes may be their first step towards a better life.

For more information about SOLES4SOULS please visit their website at

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