Engineering Teams Collaborate for New Customer Success

The Cincinnati Team won two grain unloading projects for a new customer in the food and beverage industry. The goal was to provide an architecture and migration plan usable across all facilities, with a PLC coding standard that could be used regardless of operator interface choice.

The first part of the solution was familiar —use Rockwell’s PlantPAx as the platform for PLC and PanelView implementation. The challenge was how to make Wonderware InTouch look and feel like a PlantPAx HMI. Through collaboration across all three offices, a design and plan emerged for developing the associated screens, face-plates, and alarming functionality of PlantPAx for Wonderware InTouch in an application server environment. Through focused interoffice design review and development, PREMIER ultimately provided a robust solution, that has been successfully implemented at two of the food and beverage facilities.

This group’s blend of previous experience with current technology and application knowledge effectively produced an innovative and highly functional custom solution.

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