PREMIER Completes First Phase of F&B Expansion!

PREMIER’s team completes first phases of food and beverage plant expansion in the Southeast region.

The F&B plant released an announcement on April 28, 2015 that they would invest $250 million to increase capacity at one of their plants in the Southeast area, and PREMIER was chosen to take on this role. As part of the expansion in this plant, they are expected to add three product lines and also 100+ jobs to the area. The expansion will also include ramping up production as well as additions of equipment on existing lines with a targeted completion date in the Summer of 2016.

The project management and sales staff from PREMIER were recruited to assist this customer with the feasibility and critical path analysis needed to undertake a project of this size. The decision was made to divide the effort up into nine sub-projects, with the first two scheduled for immediate execution during the second and third quarters of 2015. These efforts included the relocation of an existing F&B production line and the installation of a new F&B line.

Please join PREMIER in congratulating these individuals on their hard work and efforts contributed in making these first phase sub-projects a success for PREMIER and our customer!

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