New Cereal Line Integration Completed

Smyrna, TN -- PREMIER System Integrators, Inc., completed the integration of a new cereal production line for an Ohio manufacturer. This production line increases both capacity and flexibility for the customer. PREMIER provided services for design, programming, testing, and field commissioning.

PREMIER’s established design review and testing processes provided the team a straightforward and efficient commissioning period. All field testing was performed on normal weekday shifts, and minimal production support was needed. Since several new processes were introduced, PREMIER worked hand-in-hand with R&D engineers to achieve optimal results.

As part of the operator and maintenance training program, PREMIER designed and configured a complete “simulation system” that mirrored the actual production server/PLC architecture. This gave future users the opportunity to interact with their new control system through individual thin client stations in a classroom environment.

The overall system architecture was based on Rockwell Programmable Automation Controllers and Wonderware ArchestrA Platform. Ethernet communications were used for all remote I/O, both safety and non-safety. GuardLogix programmable safety controllers controlled dozens of safety zones.

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