Cereal Line Integration Project Completed

Smyrna, TN -- PREMIER System Integrators Inc. announced completion of a new cereal production line at a manufacturing facility in Central Iowa. This was PREMIER’s first project completed at this plant and the effort was definitely recognized by the customer. PREMIER provided the Design, Programming, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Field Commissioning support required for a successful startup of the system in early March. PREMIER was responsible for 15 process loops controlling Temperature, Density and Pressure. The process areas were critical to providing consistent product quality and meeting required cycle times. The overall system was architected using Rockwell Automation Logix Controllers and Wonderware’s ArchestrA Platform. The ControlLogix systems controlled all of the process areas. Ethernet “Safe” was utilized along with GuardLogix Safety Controllers for each of the six (6) safety zones.

The Customer sent a special thank you to the PREMIER team letting them know they did a great job: “We (customer) recognize that you put extra effort in and the results were realized by accelerated startups which reduced the overall time you were needed on site”

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