Kinetix 6000 Servo System Solves Food Packaging Problem

PREMIER was solicited by a major food product manufacturer to join a team whose purpose was to address product delivery issues on a food packaging machine. Due to the physical characteristics of the product, the plant was having difficulty precisely controling the finished product weights. Standard deviations of product weights were not consistently within the required tolerances. After significant mechanical and control system analysis and testing, PREMIER suggested replacing the existing variable frequency drive with a Rockwell Automation Kinetix 6000 servo controller for the product agitator to provide precise phase angle control of the agitator during the feed cycle. Using electronic gearing of the agitator on the virtual axis of the machine substantially reduced the weight variation and brought the product weight into conformance. The second axis was implemented using an electronic cam profile to precisely control the mechanical actions of a slide mechanism that encapsulated the product for final delivery to the package forming portion of the machine. Using precise motion control resulted in a well formed product that reliably and consistently conformed to the product’s standard deviation specifications.

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