Manufacturing Group Demonstrates Installation Efficiency

PREMIER’s Manufacturing group demonstrated its skill and efficiency by completing a temporary installation for a customer run-off much faster than estimated. An automotive OEM, who had downsized their electrical department due to the recent recession, contracted PREMIER to fabricate the control panels for some new equipment. The equipment required temporary installation for a customer run-off and PREMIER supplied controls electricians to complete the temporary electrical installation. PREMIER’s electricians, including the team who built the panels, were familiar with industrial controls installation requirements and were able to complete the required field wiring quickly and efficiently. Following the success of the equipment run-off, the OEM’s project manager calculated that PREMIER’s electricians completed the work in less than half the hours estimated for a local industrial electrical contractor who was less familiar with the equipment. The OEM has now elected to implement a new field installation model which will include PREMER’s controls electricians working together with the local electricial contractors. This project demonstrates that this combination can increase installation speed and accuracy and reduce overall installation cost despite the additional travel time and expenses required

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