Introducing Nema 4X, UL Listed Industrial Ethernet Switch Solution

Smyrna, TN - PREMIER System Integrators announced the availability of a new industrial ethernet switch solution for Nema 4X environments. PREMIER’s Manufacturing Department, in partnership with Rockwell Automation and Stuart Irby Company, has developed a series of prefabricated industrial Ethernet switch solutions. Dubbed the “Quick Ethernet Box”, it will be readily available as a 5 and 8 port model for unmanaged switch applications along with a 4 and 8 port managed switch version.

These self-contained boxes are NEMA 4X rated and can be mounted anywhere on the plant floor requiring only a 120 VAC connection. No field entry to the enclosure is required for installation. The Ethernet ports are external to the box using bulkhead connectors and are available with either RJ45 or M12 connectors. IP66 and UL ratings are applicable based on the configuration. Custom boxes are also available for orders utilizing any configuration of the Rockwell Automation Stratix line of Ethernet switches.

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