PREMIER Teams with European OEM to Deliver Packaging Machines

Smyrna, TN - PREMIER’s Engineering group in Smyrna, TN announced completion of development and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for two (2) new packaging machines being built by a European OEM in Germany. The machines, scheduled for shipping and installation in two (2) US food manufacturing facilities this spring are valued at over $10 million. PREMIER provided a team of four (4) engineers to work with the OEM to convert their custom hardware and programming solution to a Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and WonderWare ArchestrA based solution. Team members spent up to ten (10) weeks in Germany during the nine (9) month project cycle. Making extensive use of conference calls and web-based collaboration tools, the teams were able to work closely together in spite of being thousands of miles apart. With the help of PREMIER’s engineering team, the OEM was able to meet the end customer’s requirements and schedule for these machines.

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