PREMIER is committed to world class quality in system integration and related industries and services. We strive to provide products and perform services that provide maximum value to meet our customer's expectations and requirements.


To help meet this goal, PREMIER is a certified member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). CSIA is North America's leading organization of professional integrators. To support excellence in the field, CSIA sponsors a Certification Program for member organizations. The program, verified by an independent auditor, ensures that integrators uphold high standards in a variety of areas.


CSIA Certification is based on its extensive Best Practices and Benchmarks discipline which was created with the assistance of Fortune 500 businesses that employ control and information system integrators' services, product manufacturers, and CSIA members. Their objective: to simplify the task of identifying, interviewing, qualifying, evaluating, selecting, and managing control and information system integration firms.

PREMIER has been a Certified Member of CSIA since 2006 having successfully completed an intensive audit conducted by an independent auditing firm. This audit, which must be completed every three years, measures company performance against the CSIA Best Practices and Benchmarks criteria in nine business areas: 

  1. General Management 

  2. Human Resources Management 

  3. Marketing, Business Development, and Sales Management 

  4. Financial Management 

  5. Project Management 

  6. System Development Lifecycle 

  7. Supporting Activities 

  8. Quality Assurance Management 

  9. Service and Support



Safety is not only the first component of our values statement but is always the first consideration in system design requirements, work practices, and company policy.

Safety in our Systems

We consider system safety from the beginning looking at system risks and safeguarding in the proposal stage of a project.  This information is passed along to the project team which incorporates proven techniques and safety devices into the design to ensure reliable and safe systems.

Safety in our Work Practices 

PREMIER is committed to providing employees with a safe and healthful workplace. Employees receive regular training on health and safety topics including Hazard Communication, Lock Out / Tag Out, NFPA 70e requirements, Arc-Flash safety, First Aid / CPR and AED training.

Safety in our Community

We strive to be good citizens of our communities by minimizing the use of hazardous materials, promoting recycling and encouraging other conservation efforts.