PREMIER has completed over 800 process control, material handling and information system projects. Delivering these turnkey solutions to the Pulp & Paper industry requires process knowledge as well as strong vendor relationships. PREMIER has assembled a knowledge base that combines DCS, PLC, Database, Instrumentation and Drives expertise in order to deliver state of the art solutions for the industry. Our relationships with companies such as Rockwell Automation, Foxboro, GE, and others provide synergies required to deliver the most difficult application solutions.


PREMIER has focused on delivering solutions that are based on software and hardware standards and designs that reduce the total cost of ownership, (TCO), of the systems deployed. By working hand-in-hand with equipment operators to mill managers, our solutions reduce training requirements, downtime and provide flexibility for the users.


PREMIER has successfully deployed multiple solutions for the following mill areas:



  • Ameco Stacker Reclaimer Control Retrofit

  • Long Log Crane Controls Retrofit (With wireless anti-collision)

  • Truck Dump/Debarking/Chipping Controls Retrofit

Recovery Area

  • Concentrators and Evaporators Controls Upgrades

  • Sootblower Controls Upgrades

  • BMS/DCS Interface

  • Burner Controls

  • Steam Header Controls

  • Ring Header Controls

  • Dissolving Tank Controls

  • ESP Controls Upgrade

  • NOX Controls

  • CEM Systems

Roll Handling

  • Slitter Controls Upgrade

  • Winder Controls Upgrade

  • Roll Handling and Tracking

  • Roll Wrap Controls Upgrade

  • Off Machine Coater Controls

  • Coater Kitchen Recipe Management

  • Bale Line Controls

Power Boiler

  • Turbine Controls

  • Sootblower Controls Upgrades

  • BMS/DCS Interface

  • Burner Controls

  • NOX Controls

  • CEM Systems

  • Demin Water System Controls Upgrades

Washing / Screening / Bleaching

  • Pre -D0 Press Controls

  • D0 Press Controls

  • Fiberline Controls Upgrade


  • Kamyr Digester H Factor Controls

  • Kappa Analyzer Interface

  • Process Tuning and Optimization

Lime Kiln

  • BMS Interface

  • Kiln Controls

  • Advanced Kiln Controls

  • Chlorine Generation Controls

  • Mud Torque Controls

  • Slaker Controls

Dry End Paper Machine

  • Size Press Controls

  • Calendar Stack and Crown Controls

  • Sheet Break Detection

  • Steam Turndown Control

  • Pulper Control

  • Dryer Drainage

  • Dryer Pressure Control

  • Co-ordinated Speed Control

  • QCS System Interface

Main Substation

  • Load Shed system

  • Multilin Protective Relay Interface

Recycle Facility

  • Re-Pulper Controls

  • De-Inking Controls

  • De-Trashing Controls

Wet End Paper Machine

  • Head-box Control

  • Forming Zone Vacuum Control

  • Trim Squirt Control

Chemical Prep

  • Starch Cooking Controls

  • Chemical Batching

  • Controls Optimization

Finishing Area

  • AGV Interface Controls

  • Sheeter Controls

  • Rewinder Controls

Stock Prep

  • Dye Controls

  • Grade Change Package

  • Acid to Alkaline Conversion

  • Fan Pump Control

  • All Regulatory Controls

Water Treatment

  • River Water Intake Controls

  • Water Treatment Plant Controls

  • Effluent Clarifier Controls

  • Sludge Press Controls