With today’s increasing demands on utilities and a focus on green or eco-friendly energy sources, there is a pressing need for upgrading and expanding facilities. PREMIER has helped bring a number of facilities up to date for power generation, water, and wastewater utilities.


PREMIER has completed upgrade and improvement projects at fossil fuel and nuclear power generation plants. In addition, we have used our controls expertise to implement municipal projects and improve utility-related processes for manufacturing facilities in the food, process, pulp & paper, and other industries. With a deep technical knowledge base and strong project management skills, we have a proven track record of successfully completing projects above our customers’ expectations.


Understanding operating costs, capital expenditures, and downtime costs makes PREMIER an effective partner for any project. Our relationships with companies such as Rockwell Automation, Foxboro, GE and others provide the synergies required to deliver even the most difficult application solutions.


PREMIER has successfully deployed multiple solutions for the following areas:

  • Fossil Fuel Plants

  • Nuclear Plants

  • Boiler Controls

  • River Water Controls

  • Waste Water Controls

  • Fly Ash Controls

  • Precipitators

  • Soot Blowers

  • Coal Handling

  • Facilities and Equipment