Material handling equipment is utilized across all industries and comes in all shapes and forms. System requirements range from bucket conveyors unloading a barge to overhead power and free systems moving a car to high-speed sortation systems moving the mail. The control requirements for these systems can be quite different but in general, they all utilize the same tools for getting a product from point A to point B. The key to success is to move the product in an expected time frame with expected results. Other factors that play a key role in the performance of the systems are the ability of the control system to identify problems and provide direction for a quick recovery by the user. PREMIER has a track record for providing these types of control systems for customers across multiple industries and has proven results.


Our experience with multiple equipment vendors, OEM's and applications allows PREMIER to apply new ideas and technology as it relates to a specific material handling systems control requirements. Many systems today can realize significant ROI by retrofitting/updating the control and information technology. Utilizing system diagnostics, proven recovery methods and plant information and tracking systems that increase the efficiency of the operation of the overall system differentiate PREMIER's solutions in these applications.​


PREMIER has delivered hundreds of material handling solutions both large and small. We have worked with global OEM's and small specialty manufacturers delivering cars, tires, chemicals, paper, food products, ingots, coils, appliances, etc. at the right time at the right place in the manufacturing, packaging or delivery process. PREMIER's relationships with OEM's and automation companies such as Rockwell Automation, Foxboro, GE, Siemens, Microsoft and others provide synergies required to deliver application solutions requiring the combination of multiple vendors' products and services.


PREMIER's experience in architecting control systems, developing information systems and interfacing these to higher level Supply Chain or ERP business systems allows us to provide turnkey material handling control and information solutions with single point responsibility to our customers.


PREMIER has focused on delivering solutions that are based on software and hardware standards and designs that reduce total cost of ownership, (TCO), for the systems deployed. By working hand-in-hand with end users and management, our solutions reduce training requirements, increase uptime, provide flexibility for users and are cost competitive.