Real-time visibility into operational performance is becoming increasingly more essential to achieving success in today's challenging economic environment. Knowing asset utilization or capacity, identifying major sources of downtime, locating and removing constraints and improving product quality are all fundamental challenges that lead manufacturing organizations in search of manufacturing intelligence solutions. Providing manufacturing intelligence throughout the organization and to all points along the supply chain increases responsiveness to operational issues from the top floor to the shop floor.


MI - Manufacturing Intelligence

PREMIER will work closely with you to connect your enterprise, collecting the data you need to create production, quality, and downtime tracking systems. 

With our dashboards and reports you will:

  • Quickly spot problems in real-time

  • Provide valuable performance feedback to your workforce 

  • Track Key Performance Indicators (OEE, Productivity, Scrap)

  • Ensure proper problem awareness and focus on continuous improvement 

MES - Manufacturing Execution Systems

PREMIER utilizes the S95 and S88 standards for data flow and integration that enable your full MES implementation. Capture additional efficiency, streamline and ensure regulatory compliance by automating your business processes using an MES to:

  • Manage, monitor and synchronize processes 

  • Coordinate the execution of work orders with production scheduling and enterprise-level systems

  • Replace paper-based systems for quality checks, work instructions, and checklists

  • Support component and material-level traceability and genealogy

PREMIER Capabilities

PREMIER will partner with you to select and implement the best solution. Our Digital Transformation team has the Industry 4.0 manufacturing and information technology experience to understand your business requirements and meet the need for custom applications and off-the-shelf products.

MES/MOM Modules

  • Data Collection

  • Batching

  • Recipe Management

  • Production Scheduling / Kitting

  • Work Order Management

  • Product / Lot tracking PLC-based, Operator Entry, Barcode, RFID

  • Product Genealogy (Track & Trace)

  • Quality Management / Reporting

  • Electronic Checklists / Workflows (Paper on glass)

  • WMS Integration

  • Alarms / Events Annunciation / Escalation

  • Downtime Reporting / Root Cause Analysis

  • Performance Analysis (OEE)

Development Technologies

  • Database – MS SQL Server, Oracle

  • Web applications - ASP.NET, SPA, MVC - .NET, WPF Windows / Web Services

  • Mobile computer (Handheld Barcode Desktop applications scanner)

  • SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

  • Custom reporting (application, web,     SharePoint, Excel)

  • Custom Charting / Trending applications


  • Discovery / Feasibility 

  • Requirements Definition (BRD/FRD)  Workflow Study 

  • Business Process Modeling 

  • System Design 

  • MES Software Selection Implementation (Modular or Comprehensive) 

  • Interfaces to Legacy Systems

ERP Integration 

  • SAP, JDE, Other custom interfaces 

Digital Transformation Experience