What you see is what you get. We pride ourselves on hard work, talent, and the professionalism of our employees. We stand by the quality of our work and develop genuine partner relationships with our customers.


At PREMIER it's not just about GPAs and Magna cum Laude. We're looking for all­-rounders, independent thinkers who thrive as part of a team. We recognize that everyone is different and everyone will bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to our team. People who get hired at PREMIER tend to have leadership qualities, deep analytical skills, are comfortable and professional around customers, but also enjoy working in a team environment. We look for candidates with the ability to frame complex problems, think creatively, find pragmatic solutions and maintain a positive mindset. 


PREMIER has 25 proud years of generating results that have had a positive, measurable impact on our customer's objectives and reputations. It's important for us to see how you've been instrumental in making a quantifiable difference to an organization, project or team's success and that you're able to present it articulately.


We look for candidates who are enthusiastic and tenacious about solving puzzles, who yearn to succeed as individuals and as part of a team. In short, people who are committed to creating change in their work but also in their community as well. Passionate people bring energy to customer engagements and to PREMIER, helping both groups achieve extraordinary outcomes. As you've read previously, it may be a cliché, but our people at PREMIER are our strongest asset. Sound like you? Join our team of excellence! 

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April A. 

Lead Accounting Analyst

I have been employed at PREMIER for almost 10 years. I work daily beside some of our best mentors that continue to challenge me and my professional growth. I enjoy the positive and supportive work environment that PREMIER provides.

Brandon A.

Senior Engineer

At PREMIER, we believe in excellence in everything we do. Starting with recruiting, to our training and development, our engineering capabilities, and customer satisfaction. It's in our DNA and it's what we believe.

Steve O.

Principal Engineer

PREMIER is an energizing and rewarding place to work. The engineers are incredibly dedicated, intelligent, and respectful to both peers and customers.